I know many of you have been waiting patiently for these photos so........... it is with great pleasure that I proudly present your 2009 Art Director of the Year, my husband ( and pretty sexy one at that) Mr. Matthew Wilson!

Last Saturday Matt and I attended the 24th annual Addy Awards held here in Arizona. The Addy Awards are given to different advertising agencies that have raised the bar when it comes to advertising so receiving one is really quite an honor. There were 744 entries from 52 Phoenix companies and we had no idea that Matthew would be honored in this way. He won the award because of the work he has done this past year, but specifically for the work he did for the Grand Canyon  Summer Games. Like I said, it was a surprise and I know I can say this to all of you because I know you know me but I was so proud of him! When they read his name I wanted to cry - in fact I did!  I just had a flash of feelings and memories of my cute little husband up late to get things put together for clients, going in much to early to come up with some new presentation because he's meeting with the client in 4 hours and has no idea what he's going to be presenting because they have vetoed everything he has already presented and have given him absolutely no creative liberty - mostly because of budget cuts, or all the late nights of missing the family prayers, or family dinners because he has to tie up loose ends. FINALLY! I finally felt like he was receiving some well deserved recognition. I know that he knows how wonderful and incredibly talented I think he is, but I also recognize how important it was for him to receive that confirmation from his peers. 
So, Matthew, congratulations. You will always be the reigning champion in my eyes!

Thought for the day: As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.   Paul Shane Spear

To Matthew, you have forever changed my world - for the best! xoxoxoxo to you!


Needing your assistance

So, as you all know, we are in the process of finishing our den. Tonight we will be painting the walls and before we do, I am wondering if you could give me some of your opinions. We have a deep dark brown and a creme for the paint. Our desk will be black and dark brown. I'm needing to paint the walls and the bookcase-storage bench so let me know what you think. All opinions will be considered. Yes, even yours, Dad. Thanks for your help! Lindy

Finally on our way!

I know I have been talking, talking, talking about this blasted garden I have wanted to get going. Well, today was the day! After pricing, buying, building, mixing, pouring, soaking, planting, watering we finally have a garden. Well, half a garden. I'll plant the other box tonight with the boys, after they get home from school. Can I just say, I believe that the prophet has encouraged us to plant a garden for many many reasons - not just so that we can have food to eat and hopefully put up for later. I have had so much fun with Matt planning and purchasing things. I love being with the kids as they play in the dirt and plant the little seeds, even talk to them to help them grow. Just being able to be in the dirt brings so much joy and satisfaction. I know that so much of how I feel about gardening stems from my own roots. Growing up on a farm, being able to see what the different seasons bring as far as planting and harvesting a crop was always so beautiful to me. Even if I did complain a bit about moving those blasted hand pipe.  From the second you put that little seed in the deep, dark earth , to when it pokes up its little shoot to when you are able to see a full crop, there is just something so satisfying about seeing something you have planted and tended, grow. And don't even get me started about all the incredible smells that go along with it. The wet dirt - I'm in heaven! This does so much for my spirit. 
So, here you go. I thought you all might enjoy some pictures of the process. Yes, it may be slow, but stick with me. Maybe one of these days you just might the the recipient of a beautiful basket of garden fresh veggies. Love you all!

Thought for the day:  Carpe Diem!