Home Pics

OK, since everyone has been dying to check out our new home (and we just flat out got tired of waiting for people to come down here and see it for themselves), here are a few photos to tide you over until you actually DO come down. So you know, we now have an extra bedroom for people to sleep in, although it's covered with books and boxes right now. But if we know someone's coming, we'll have that all cleaned up, we promise.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the pics as much as we're enjoying the new home. Note: the furniture is not ours- these photos were shot before we moved in, bummer I know.

We do love it- it's a better area than our previous home. Some of you have heard a few of the stories. We had to keep a lot of them quiet so as to not upset mom.


Hey, everybody!

Welcome everyone and Happy Halloween! It's about time you all joined us on this blog thing. Here's a shot of our kids, dressed up for the Halloween party. Lindy and I were the scariest of all.